About Metro Prepaid

Metro Prepaid helps property owners collect utility payments from their tenants.

  1. What is the Metro Prepaid story?

            Metro Prepaid was formed in 2015, to help property owners collect water payments from tenants using prepayment meters The Metro Prepaid team is fanatical about customer service. Call us on                      087 354 5566 to find out how we can help you collect electricity and water payments from your tenants.


  1. What does Metro Prepaid do?

Metro Prepaid helps property owners collect utility payments from tenants.

  1. How does the Metro Prepaid sub meter work?


The cost of water flowing through the prepaid meters is recovered through tokens sold, and is repaid to the owner by Metro Prepaid (monthly via EFT)

  1. Does the Metro Prepaid sub meter replace the council meter?

Metro Prepaid sub meter does not replace the council meter, they must be connected downstream the council meter.


  1. When do I receive my payments?

Payments are made to property owners, during the 1st week of every month.


  1. Where in South Africa are the Metro Prepaid sub meters available?

Metro Prepaid sub meters are available from plumbing and electrical wholesalers across South Africa. Call our help desk on 087 354 5566.

  1. Where are the Metro Prepaid sub meters manufactured?

Metro Prepaid purchase its prepaid water meters from Utility systems.

  1. Does Metro prepaid sub meters have a guarantee?

Yes, a one-year warranty on the water meter.  

  1. Can Metro Prepaid sub meters be used outside South Africa?

Yes, Metro Prepaid sub meters can be installed out of South Africa, the purchase of credit issue tokens is through bank transfer via Swift, tokens are issued through Metro prepaid self-vend product.

  1. Are these suitable for a separate entrance?

Metro Prepaid water meters work well for separate entrances.

  1. Are Metro Prepaid meters suitable for backyard rooms?

Metro Prepaid sub meters work well for backyard rooms.

  1. Are these meters suitable for sectional title?

Yes, call our help desk on 087 354 5566 if you need support with a sectional title installation.


  1. Where can I view the Metro Prepaid terms and conditions?

Metro Prepaid’s terms and conditions are available on the installation form, prepacked with the meter, or call our help desk and ask us to send you a copy.

You can also view the Terms and Conditions here.

  1. Where are the metro prepaid distribution points?

Metro Prepaid main distribution points are in Cape Town and Johannesburg, we also have distribution offices in Pietermaritzburg.



Metro Prepaid Support


Metro Prepaid Support