Prepaid Sub Meters for Water

Prepaid sub meters are an efficient way for property owners to ensure they are able to collect payments for water from tenants. With a Metro Prepaid sub meter tenants are able to top up their water meters as and when they see fit. Throughout the month water consumption can be tracked and measured. This process ensures that there are no surprises for tenants or property owners. *** We are OPEN during the COVID-19 South Africa lockdown The Metro Prepaid Help Desk is here 24 hours a day to help you! Tokens will be available via all our normal channels 24 hours a day

Buy a Sub Meter

Select the right Metro Prepaid sub meter to suit your needs as either a residential or commercial tenants. Metro Prepaid sub meters are tamper resistant and surge resistant, they are suitable for both residential and commercial needs. Metro Prepaid sub meters are available from wholesalers and retailers country wide.

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Install a Sub Meter

With Metro Prepaid sub meters, property owners are able to install as many prepaid meters per property as the power supply permits. These prepaid sub meters can be used to collect meter readings from tenants who top up their meters using prepaid water. This process enables the property owner to use the prepaid money to pay the municipality or for the water supply.

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Register a Sub Meter

Call our help desk to register your Metro Prepaid sub meter telephonically in just 10 minutes.

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How to Buy Tokens

Recharging your Metro Prepaid Sub Meter is quick and easy. With thousands of service points country wide; you can choose from retailers such as Shoprite, Pick 'n Pay, Flash, bank ATMs, EFT or cell phone channels to top up your water meter.

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Our Customer Stories

  After setting up well over 1000 HMO rooms and many years as a property trainer, I know that the all-in model with free electricity that many HMO owners adopt is flawed. It drives the wrong behaviour, with tenants not switching off appliances using electric heaters whilst leaving the windows wide open or worse taking a long weekend in Greece and leaving the appliances running. Savvy landlords have been sub metering their tenants for years. Coin meters have the disadvantage of requiring emptying and attract theft and damage to the meter. Card meters have the disadvantage of administrating the sale of cards and dealing with knock off cards and all meters have the problem of being bypassed. Metro meters remove the need to supply cards, the tenant can purchase electricity online or at any Pay point and provide monthly account of usage so if a tenant is not paying it can easily be identified. They are also far cheaper to purchase.   Whenever I fit card meters to rooms I find the electric use by the household drops by nearly half, a positive contribution to cutting energy costs and helping energy conservation. I am now fitting Metro meters to all my properties.  

Jim Haliburton - HMO Daddy


Metro Prepaid Support


Metro Prepaid Support