Information for Owners

What if I have a service query?

Metro Prepaid’s help desk is available to assist, owners, tenants and installers from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week on 087 354 5566

What if I need technical support?

Metro Prepaid’s help desk is available to assist, owners, tenants and installers from 8m to 8pm, 7 days a week on 087 354 5566

What are the advantages of a Metro Prepaid sub meter?

  • Easy control of bills
  • Reduced administration and risk
  • Cheaper meters and faster installation
  • Option to set your tariff so that commercial tenants pay the Metro Prepaid 8.75% (token value) service fee
  • Improved cash flow, water used through the meter paid back to owner
  • Consumption reporting available

Can I recover monthly sewerage charges using my prepaid water meter?

Yes, speak to our help desk on 087 354 5566 about making provision for this in the tariff.

How can I charge for common area usage, e.g.: a shared bathroom?

Speak to our help desk on 087 354 5566 about including this in your tariff, tariffs can be adjusted from time to time to recover the actual usage.

Can my tenants tamper with this meter?

The meter has been designed to be resistant to tampering but tenants may devise ways to by-pass the meter.
Landlords should manage their risk by monitoring usage against amounts collected and conduct site inspections where required.

Can landlords set their own tariff?

Metro Prepaid basis its tariff on municipal tariffs. On instruction from the landlord we can change tariff to an alternative municipal tariff.

Can I block my tenant’s meter?

Metro Prepaid will only block meters that are connected illegally e.g. By passing the council meter.

Are these meters suitable for sectional title?

Yes, call our help desk on 087 354 5566 if you need support with a sectional title installation.

What assurance is there that the owner will get their money?

Metro Prepaid pays the property owner during the 1st week of every month.
Owners who have concerns about the assurance of payments may refer to our self-vend options

Does Metro Prepaid pay my account with the council?

Metro prepaid collects the money from the tenants for their usage and pays this money to the property owners so that they may top up their council prepaid meter or pay their credit account with the council.

What happens to the meter if I sell my property?

As fixture the meter will transfer to the new owner unless the parties agree otherwise. The new owner must contact our helpdesk on 087 354 5566 immediately after transfer to arrange the transfer of the prepaid meter to their name.

Who does the administration fee cover?

Metro prepaid services and costs including the generating of tokens, bank charges, administration and collection fees.

Who pays the administration fee?

Depending on the owner’s instructions, the fee can either be deducted from the amount recovered for the owner or it can be added to the tariff.
Please read the terms and conditions, for more information on relevant regulation.

What is a merchant fee?

This is a collection service fee, when you buy tokens in stores, at ATM’s via credit cards, this is included in Metro Prepaid’s administration fee.

What should I do if my metro prepaid sub meter is stolen?

If your Metro Prepaid sub meter is stolen please report the theft to the police and inform our help desk of the meter number so that we can block the meter.
The stolen meter will not be able to be used, while blocked.

My tenant has moved out and I paid him back for the credit on his meter. Can I zero the credit on the meter before the new tenant moves in?

Yes, please contact the Metro Prepaid help desk and ask to zero the credit quoting your meter number.

Can I replace my battery in my handset (keypad)?

The battery keypad can’t be replaced. The keypad must be returned. There is no charge to swap a keypad.

What do I need to do if I want to install a Metro Prepaid meter?

Ask a trusted local plumber to install the meter for you, meters are available from plumbing wholesalers across South Africa. Call us on 087 354 5566 for registration and to activate the meter.

How long do the Metro Prepaid sub meter battery last?

This depends on the usage, but it is expected to last an average of 8 years for water meters.


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Metro Prepaid Support