Buying Tokens

Where in South Africa are the Metro Prepaid sub meters available?

Property owners can benefit from Utility Systems prepaid water sub meters at great prices through a national network of wholesalers and retailers.

What is the easiest way to buy a token?

If you have internet or mobile banking use Speed Pay and receive your token in minutes via SMS.

Where can my tenant buy a token?

Metro Prepaid has a huge variety of token purchase options that includes: speed pay, ATM, stores, see link.

I can’t buy a token, what should I do?

Call our support desk or try one of our convenient payment channels.

What is the best way to buy credit?

Speed pay is the best and easiest way for tenants with bank accounts to purchase tokens with internet banking or mobile banking.

My tenant has moved out and I paid him back for the credit on his meter. Can I zero the credit on the meter before the new tenant moves in?

Yes, please contact the Metro Prepaid help desk and ask to zero the credit quoting your meter number.

Can I sell tokens to my tenants?

Metro prepaid offers self-vend options to property owners who are responsible for the collection tenant payments.
Disa Selfvend costs R2,75 incl VAT per token. Tokens issued within 30 minutes 8am to 8pm

Can I buy tokens in Piketberg?

Yes, tokens for Metro Prepaid sub meters are available at Shoprite, Pep and at any ATM in small towns like Piketberg.

Can I supply free tokens for my tenants?

Yes, contact our help desk and we will assist you to try set up free token issue.

Do the tokens expire?

Tokens are valid for 36 months from the date of purchase


If I buy more than one token, can I input them in any order?

NO, you need to input them to the prepaid meter in the same order that they were issued to you


Metro Prepaid Support


Metro Prepaid Support