Frequently Asked Questions

Who arranges the installation?

Landlords or property owners must choose a local plumber to do the installation of the Metro Prepaid sub meter.

What is the cost of the Metro Prepaid sub meter?

Typically the Metro Prepaid sub meters cost around R2500.00 depending on the wholesalers, the meters are available at most of the plumbing or electrical wholesalers.

Must I get a compliance certificate?

Property owners must observe the local wholesaler regulations and request compliance certificate where required.

How long is the contract?

With Metro Prepaid, property owners can terminate their contract within 30 days contract.

What if I have a service query?

Metro Prepaid’s help desk is available to assist, owners, tenants and installers from 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week on 087 354 5566

What if I need technical support?

Metro Prepaid’s help desk is available to assist, owners, tenants and installers from 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week on 087 354 5566

Do the Metro Prepaid sub meter replace the council meter?

Metro Prepaid sub meter do not replace the council meter, for they are connected downstream the council meter.

Who sets the tariff?

Metro prepaid standard fee will be based on the municipal tariff set, updating the tariff when municipal tariffs increase is part of the service.

What do I do if I’m am not happy with the tariff?

Speak to our help desk you might be on the incorrect tariff. Tenants can ask their landlords to pay our standard fee.

Why is my tariff not the same as the municipal tariff?

The tariff should be equal to the municipal rate, however the tariff may have been adjusted at the owners request to include:

  • Common area usage
  • Fixed charges
  • Service fees

The tariff may also be impacted by how you pay. EFT is free but convenience channels such as ATM and selected stores, attracts merchant’s fee.

When do I receive my payments?

Payments are made to property owners, during the 1st week of every month.

How does the Metro Prepaid sub meter work?

Tenants buy a token which gives them credit for the Electricity/water sub meter. We collect this money and pay the value of the electricity/water used to the owners.

I can’t buy a token, what should I do?

Call our support desk or try one of our convenient payment channels.

In what direction should water flow through the meter?

Water must flow first through the volumetric (readable) meter and then through the control unit (digital display).

Do I need approval from the municipality to install the metro prepaid sub meter?

The property owner can install a sub meter on private property without municipal approval, the meter must be installed correctly according to local regulations.

Can I install the metro prepaid sub meter myself?

The meter must be installed by a technical competent person according to regulations.

What is the best way to buy credit?

Speed pay is the best, cheapest and easiest way for tenants with bank accounts to purchase tokens with internet banking or mobile banking.

Where can my tenant buy a token?

Metro Prepaid has a huge variety of token purchase options that includes: speed pay, ATM, stores, see links.

What is an administration fee?

Administration fee is Metro Prepaid’s fee, for the service of collecting electricity payments from tenants on behalf of property owners.

Who does the administration fee cover?

Metro prepaid services and costs including the generating of tokens, bank charges, administration collection etc.

Who pays the administration fee?

Depending on the owner’s instructions, the fee can either be deducted from the amount recovered for the owner or it can be added to the tariff.

Please read the terms and conditions (link), for more information on relevant regulation.

Why did metro prepaid request my municipal meter number?

Keeping a record of municipal meter numbers helps to identify the location of the sub meter.

Where are the metro prepaid offices?

Metro Prepaid main branches are in Cape Town and Johannesburg (Midrand), we also have distribution offices in Pietermaritzburg, Kimberly, and Plettenberg Bay.

Where can I buy tokens in Piketberg?

Shoprite, Pep and at any ATM.

If my municipal prepaid meter is out of credit, will the Metro Prepaid sub meter work?

No, the sub meter relies on the main meter for supply, if the main meter is disconnected or out of credit, the sub meter will not work.

As soon as your municipal meter has credit, the sub meter will work.

Can tenants in 4 different rooms share a single meter?

Metro Prepaid recommends that each tenant is allocated for a separate meter for their room.

Do Metro Prepaid pay my account with the council?

Metro prepaid collects the money from the tenants for the water usage and pays this money to the property owners so that they may top up their council prepaid meter or pay their credit account with the council.

Can I supply free tokens for my tenants?

Yes, contact our help desk and we will assist you to set up free token issue.

Can I sell tokens to my tenants?

Metro prepaid offers self-vend options with property owners who are responsible for the collection tenant payments.

What are the specifications on Metro Prepaid sub meter?

Technical specifications:

  • 22mm and 25mm NSP and BSP thread.
  • Compatible with pulse meter
  • Glass-reinforced nylon body
  • Infrared or radio communications
  • Switching range of 1litres per hour to 5,000litres per hour
  • Mounting can be vertical or horizontal
  • Pressure range 0.2 bar to 16 bar
  • Above or below-ground installation
  • Data logger-365 days of hourly consumption data
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Battery span of seven to nine years (depending on use) radio frequency 433MHz.
  • Operating temperature -10 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius.
  • In excess of 10,000 valve operations.


Technical specifications for electricity sub meter


  • LCD display
  • Low credit alarming (LED or Buzzer)
  • Rate indicator
  • Rated voltage 120V, 220 - 240V
  • Frequency 50H z, 60Hz
  • Current 5A, 10A or 20A
  • Maximum current: 60A to 100A
  • Starting current 25mA
  • Power consumption below 1W
  • User interface: Keypad
  • Operating temperature -10 to + 65
  • Limit temperature -25C to + 70C
  • Humidity Operating 95% RH
  • IP rating IP52

Where in South Africa are the Metro Prepaid sub meters available?

Metro Prepaid sub meters are available from plumbing and electrical wholesalers across South Africa. Call our help desk on 087 354 5566.

Will I be able to install a Metro Prepaid sub meter in a remote rural location?

Yes, Metro Prepaid meters can be installed anywhere in South Africa.

Does the Metro Prepaid sub meter work on farms?

Metro Prepaid service has been designed with farms, we also offer self-vend solutions to help farmers in remote rural locations.

Can landlords set their own tariff?

Metro Prepaid basis its tariff on municipal tariffs however only by instruction from the landlords can we change tariff for a convenient recovery.

Can I block my tenant’s meter?

Metro Prepaid will only block meters that are connected illegally eg. By passing the council meter.

Are these meters suitable for sectional title?

Yes, call our help desk on 087 354 5566 if you need support with a sectional title installation.

Where can I view the Metro Prepaid terms and conditions?

Metro Prepaid’s terms and conditions are available on the installation form, prepacked with the meter, or call our help desk and ask us to send you a copy.

You can also go to our website (link).

What assurance is there that the owner will get their money?

Metro Prepaid pays the property owner during the 1st week of every month.

Owners who have concerns about the assurance of payments may prefer our self-vend options

What should I do if my metro prepaid sub meter is stolen?

If your Metro Prepaid sub meter is stolen please report the theft to the police and inform our help desk of the meter number so that we can block the meter.

The stolen meter will not be able to be used, while blocked.

Can I port my meter to Metro Prepaid?

Metro Prepaid will willingly assist you port any STS prepaid water meter from your current service providers to metro prepaid.

Can I port my Metro Prepaid sub meter to another service provider?

Yes terms and conditions apply but Metro Prepaid sub meters can be ported to an alternative service provider if the property owner requests this.

Are the Metro Prepaid sub meters SABS, IP68 and NRCS approved?

Yes, Metro Prepaid sub meters have both SABS, IP68 and NRCS approved.

How long do the Metro Prepaid sub meter battery last?

This depends on the usage, but it is expected to last an average of 8 years.

Can I replace my battery in my handset (keypad)?

The battery keypad can’t be replaced. The keypad must be returned and will be sorted out. There is no charge to swap a keypad.

How can I charge for common area usage, eg: a shared bathroom?

Speak to our help desk on 087 354 5566 about including this in your tariff, tariffs can be adjusted from time to time to recover the actual usage.

Can I recover monthly sewerage charges?

Yes, speak to our help desk on 087 354 5566 about making provision for this in the tariff.

I saw something about prepaid meters on carte blanche, was that metro prepaid?

No, Metro Prepaid has never been the subject of a Carte Blanche story but in order to better service our customers, we are registered with Hello Peter. as market leader in prepaid water meters for tenants we pride ourselves in providing a transparent and cost effective service.

Can my tenants tamper with this meter?

The meter has been designed to be resistant to tempering but tenants may devise ways to by-pass the meter.

Landlords should monitor usage against amounts collected and conduct site inspections where required.

Is the Metro Prepaid Kl rate the same as municipal rate?

Base our rates on the municipal rates but on the property owners instructions may also add:

  • A recovery fee for common areas of fixed utility charges

How quickly can I install a Metro Prepaid meter?

Metro Prepaid sub meter con be installed in a matter of hours, purchase one from your nearest wholesaler appoint a plumber to install it and then call us on 087 354 5566 for registration and activate the meter.

What happens when the tariff increases?

Metro Prepaid automatically adjusts your tariff when municipal tariff changes.

Where are the Metro Prepaid sub meters manufactured?

Metro Prepaid purchase its prepaid water meters from Utility systems a factory based in Durban.

Metro Prepaid purchase its prepaid electricity meters from Landis + Gyr in Johannesburg.  

Metro Prepaid purchase its prepaid electricity meters from Hexing in China.

Does Metro prepaid sub meters have a guarantee?

Yes a one year warranty on the water meter.  

Yes a three year warranty on the electricity meter.

Can I use my own plumber to install the sub meter?

Yes, Metro Prepaid recommends that you use a trusted local electrician/plumber to install to install your meter.

What do I need to do if I want to install a Metro Prepaid meter?

Ask a trusted local electrician/plumber to install the meter for you, meters are available from electricity and plumbing wholesalers across South Africa. Call us on 0873 354 5566 for registration and activate the meter.

What is the easiest way to buy a token?

If you have internet or mobile baking use Speed Pay and receive your token in minutes.

Are these suitable for a separate entrance?

Metro Prepaid water meters work well for separate entrance. Property owners must consider water usage against the cost to install a meter before they make a decision to install.

What happens to the meter if I sell my property?

As fixture the meter will transfer to the new owner unless the parties agree otherwise. The new owner must contact our helpdesk on 087 354 5566 immediately after transfer to arrange the transfer of the prepaid meter to their name.

Are Metro Prepaid meters suitable for backyard rooms?

Metro Prepaid water meters work well for backyard rooms. Property owners must consider water usage against the cost to install a meter before they make a decision to install.

I am a tenant with a Metro Prepaid sub meter, I am moving out but still have credit on my meter can I get a refund?

Metro Prepaid will already have paid or soon be paying the money for the credit you have bought to the property owner. Please contact your landlord to request a refund.

What is the cheapest to buy tokens?

Self-vend tokens are cheapest but require the property owner to collect payments from tenants. For tenants Speed Pay combines almost instant token delivery with convenience and no merchant's fees.

Can Metro Prepaid sub meters can be used outside South Africa?

Yes Metro Prepaid sub meters can be installed out of South Africa, the purchase of credit issue tokens is through bank transfer via Swift, tokens can also be issued through Metro prepaid self-vend product.

Can Metro Prepaid recommend a plumber for the meter installation?

Metro Prepaid does not form alliances with some contractors at the expense of others, we will support any technical component electrician/ plumber.

My tenant has moved out and I paid him back for the credit on his meter. Can I zero the credit on the meter before the new tenant moves in?

Yes please contact the Metro Prepaid help desk and ask to zero the credit quoting your meter number.

19. What is a merchant fee?

This is a convenience fee charge, when you buy token in stores, ATM via credit cards however with speed pay merchant fee is not charged.

20. Who pays the merchant fee?

The tenants pay the merchants fee at point of purchase.


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